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The truth about divorce

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The truth about divorce:

Recent statistics have shown that about 60% of all marriages end in divorce. There are many theories on this subject, but for whatever reason, some of us find ourselves forced into this situation.

Getting married is easy, and in many cases very inexpensive. However, divorcing can be very expensive and very complicated. If there is a dispute, some divorcing couples can spend tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees. One of our customers couldn%u2019t agree with his wife, and his case went contested. Now he has to pay his lawyer and his wife%u2019s lawyer about $120,000 in legal fees (mostly over a child custody battle). Divorce court is nuts! Most attorneys require about $5,000 down and about $300 per hour to start your divorce action. On the average, a contested divorce can cost about $30,000 per spouse. Some unlucky people get unscrupulous attorneys who try to create fights, just to get a higher fee. So, it pays to agree. That extra amount of property or that extra amount in support is usually not worth fighting over, when you have to battle it out in court to get it.

If both husband and wife agree, where can they go for help? Well, you can hire an attorney, and then the attorney hires a paralegal or legal secretary to draw up the documents; or, you can just go to the source and hire a legal document assistant, paralegal or legal secretary yourself, and pay a lot less. That%u2019s where we come in. McKenna%u2019s Paralegal Service usually charges less than one-fifth of what an attorney charges. We are able to do this because, like all others in the legal profession, we use legal manuals to guide you through the whole process. We prepare the documents according to your satisfaction. No more lawyers selling you out! You are in control of your own case.

McKenna%u2019s Paralegal Service cannot give legal advice, for only attorneys are allowed to do so. However, we have provided an exhaustive list of links for our customers to do research on their own, and to make intelligent decisions. Most of our customers have routine cases. We have helped customers with, custody, visitation, child support, separate property, community property, debts, and other divorce issues.

There is no law in any state that requires people to hire a lawyer, and most divorces do not require a lawyer. McKenna%u2019s Paralegal Service has assisted thousands of customers with divorce, in the 13 years we have been in business, and we have thousands of satisfied customers.

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